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Diverse people make diverse companies and competing for top of the line talent is a big step through time. Iconium continues to lead by working with organizations to meet their talent and executive needs in the shortest possible timeframe. Iconium has executed exhaustive planning and mapping of industries in its process of partnering to ascertain suitability of candidates for various positions.

Our understanding of cultural sensitivities, market knowledge and powerful networking skills enable us to provide world class talent across all industry segments. In our executive search process, stress is laid on culture-fit as the right sync helps in longer retention and higher business productivity. We close key leadership positions using proven research processes. A capable team of professional research analysts helps in mapping and tracking the right talent efficiently and quickly.

Key Benefits

·         Closing of key leadership positions using proven research processes

·         Helps in mapping and tracking the right talent efficiently


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Iconium Consulting is a global management-consulting firm that provides HR solutions for its clients in India, South East Asia, US, UK, Europe and Middle East. Market leaders have repeatedly turned to Iconium to help them bridge the gap between strategy and execution to sustain a competitive advantage.

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